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Halo Around the Moon by treegod
November 12, 2008, 10:50 am
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Mysterious Lunar Halo

Mysterious Lunar Halo



I’m going for a walk with the dogs. Mika’s back in bed sleeping soundly. There’s a full bright moon so I can see some things almost as clearly as if it were daytime. After a while of walking, I look up into the sky and see a strange circular halo, which I then realise is centred around the moon. WOW!

I got back to the house and walked into the bedroom and… “Mika, there’s a big halo around the moon, do you want to come and see it.” Perhaps not the nicest thing for me to do (she was VERY tired and comfortable) but I thought that she HAD to see it! 😉

Hungry for what it could be, I looked it up on the net and found out it’s all to do with ice crystals floating around in the atmosphere and refracting the light in such a way that the eye recieving it sees the halo (this is the simple version). It can also happen to the sun. Once upon a time people used this as a way of predicting the weather, this morning it rained… (I don’t know whether that’s what it should predict though) The funny thing about it is that it is called a moon dog, and I encountered it when taking the dogs for a walk and even more funny, one of them is called Luna! So she’s literally Moon the dog lol!

So if you look up at the moon (or sun) when the atmosphere feels particularily clear and frosty, you might just see this large halo embracing the sky.


Gone Out To…Other Blogs! by treegod
November 3, 2008, 11:48 am
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We’re sorry for not being present here. It’s not that we’ve abandoned but we have other things going on, like our individual blogs. We not present here because we’re present elsewhere.
Our own Wizard, Shakti has been updating her blog, The Wizard of Lothlorien 09.

Mika has been hard at work for the faeries, building them there very own buildings right from the heart; Creations From the Heart. You´ll love them!

And I, Adam AKA Treegod, have been busy on my The Grove of Quotes.

Important things are afoot, look out for the future 😉

by soulportrait
September 17, 2008, 9:37 am
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Just scanning through Wikipedia for the myths and beliefs of Aborigines; Dreamtime, Rainbow serpent etc and then I find this quote…

“Aboriginal people learned from their stories that a society must not be human-centred but rather land centred, otherwise they forget their source and purpose…humans are prone to exploitative behaviour if not constantly reminded they are interconnected with the rest of creation, that they as individuals are only temporal in time, and past and future generations must be included in their perception of their purpose in life” C, Morris
That’s ecopsychology if ever I knew it! (Something for Grove of Quotes? Lol)
Now excuse me, I’m going to express my “inner-Aborigine,” commune with the Rainbow Serpent and connect to the Dreamtime with the didge-voice of the Earth 🙂

by soulportrait
September 12, 2008, 9:12 am
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You hear the Earth speak, or is it the Earth? A deep, vibrational rumbling, with a fluctuating rhythm resounds within a valley. No, it’s my new didgeridoo, and that’s me trying to polish my use of it.
I have a nice hornbeam didgeridoo in England, waiting to journey here to be with me. But recently, I got myself another one! This one’s made of bamboo, and I have been practicing on it a bit recently. Beautiful thing it is! It has some nice patterns on it, one being a “rainbow serpent.” So I decided to call it Rainbow (after thinking Water, Light-Water, Water-Light or Spectrum). My other one I called Dubh, which means black in Gaelic (very Earthy name).
Anyway, a few days later, I see the biggest and clearest rainbow I think I’ve ever seen in my whole life! Confirmation if ever I saw one 😉 And a nice picture too…

by soulportrait
September 1, 2008, 8:05 am
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Ovate… at last! Or por fin en Español!

As soon as I got over the last hurdle of the bardic grade, everything else just took off.

I’m finding the ovatic experience very interesting, it’s had the effect of bringing intuition and imagination together with creative results! It’s fun to read the landscape and its inhabitant’s energy as “personality” (silly humans, anthropomorphising again).

I’ve been writing stories about how a tree told me a story about how it and it’s kin came into being, and about how a norse Earth Goddess, Nerthus, came upon the knowledge of the properties of trees, herbs and other growing things and shared that with her children.

As you can see, my imagination has been inspired! Perhaps you’ll see some of the reults here 🙂

What I really am looking forward to is the herbology bit. I don’t know a lot and really want to develop this part of my ovatic experience. Before you know, I’ll be so deep in herbs and herbology you’ll find green things growing from my skin! Haha!

by soulportrait
August 25, 2008, 3:37 pm
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A throne fit for the King and Queen of the Forest, where they can view their domain in all its glory. And occasionally people can sit on it too, getting a monarch’s eye view of things 😉 Or at least sit there, resting and looking at what comes to the bird feeders (not a lot in summer).
It came from an acacia, and I think it makes a nice rustic addition to the Earth Sanctuary. Lur the Alsatian sure seems to like it! J

by soulportrait
August 20, 2008, 9:05 am
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I’m an English foreigner in foreign lands,
But I’m a human being.
I am man in a world of men and women,
But I’m a human being.
I’m a white European in a world of many colours,
But I’m a human being.
I’m a scientific druidic Gaian with some Christian ideas in a world with many beliefs,
But I’m still a human being!
I’m one facet amongst many on the human diamond,
I’m a human being.
So let’s relate human to human
On individual merits,
Because we are human beings.
(However, occasionally I take up a fly-swatter and become the fly-swatting elf, so some say… LOL!)